Friday, 29 September 2017

Raynaud's Awareness Month - October

Raynaud's is the constriction of the blood vessels cutting off the blood supply to usually, the extremities, such as hands and feet, but it can also affect other body parts. 

The above image shows:

on the left, a 'normal' healthy person's body heat temperature- as indicated by the red hands and arms. Showing body temperature to be between 32-35 degrees Celsius. 

the middle and far right thermograph images show a decrease in body heat temperature, as demonstrated by the blue and non-red areas to the hands. This is caused by the constriction and narrowing of the blood vessels to those areas. 

There is currently NO CURE for Raynaud's, and its cause is relatively unknown. 

In extreme cases, it can cause tissue death leading to gangrene and possible amputation. 

Please DONATE to help fund medical research into the cause and cure for Raynaud's, at the Raynaud's Unit, The Royal Free Hospital, UK.

All of your monies will be used for medical research purposes only. 


Facebook Page: Raynauds Unit Royal Free Hospital
Twitter: @RaynaudsRf

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